The Sensigreen CDH Foundation's mission is to connect Alabama families with the best congenital diaphragmatic hernia resources available, give financial grants for medical and travel expenses and provide other emotional and community support to Alabama families with a CDH diagnosis.

1 in 2500 children are diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. This is a similar prevalence to spina bifida and cystic fibrosis.

Our Story

The Sensigreen CDH Foundation was founded in 2017 by Justin and Jessica Quinn to support Alabama CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) families. CDH is a birth defect where a child’s diaphragm does not properly develop and causes significant issues with lung development, heart placement and digestive issues. CDH is as prevalent as cystic fibrosis and spina bifida, but unless someone knows a family that receives this devastating diagnosis, most have never heard of it. CDH still currently has a 50% mortality rate.

The Quinn’s younger daughter was born with CDH in 2007. She was diagnosed in the Atlanta area where the Quinns were living. They were told their best treatment option was to relocate to Philadelphia and have their daughter treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Justin Quinn grew up in that area and they immediately relocated Jessica and their older daughter to his parents’ home. Lily was born on December 15, 2007 and she overcame every obstacle and cleared every hurdle. At almost 11 years old she is very typical. She has some asthma, but that is her only current health issue. The Quinn family was blessed by their community who helped with travel expenses while Justin was working in Atlanta and Jessica was in Philadelphia. Upon release from the hospital, the Quinns were given an out of pocket medical bill that was close to $500,000. Grants from families associated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia paid all but $25,000 of that bill. For a young family like the Quinns this grant allowed their financial future to be secure.

In 2014, Justin Quinn bought the Opelika, AL HVAC/Insulation business for whom he had worked for several years. Once the business was on very solid ground, he wanted to give back to families like his own. In 2017, he founded the Sensigreen CDH Foundation to support Alabama CDH families in some of the same ways his family was supported in their time of great need. Most families are told pregnancy termination or palliative care for their child are the only good options for their child who has been diagnosed with CDH. There are skilled and highly successful CDH teams throughout the United States. Our goal is to not only provide financial support for Alabama CDH families, but also to provide hope by connecting them with the best medical resources available and other parents who have had successful outcomes.

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Our Programs

The Sensigreen CDH Foundation provides support and hope to families who receive a congenital diaphragmatic hernia diagnosis. Our financial assistance is limited to families who are residents of the State of Alabama at this time. We will work with families in any location to connect them to other CDH families, other CDH support organizations and the best medical resources.

2019 Programs

Support for Alabama CDH Families

  • Medical/Travel Grants for Alabama families who receive a congenital diaphragmatic hernia diagnosis.

  • NICU Care Package- The Sensigreen CDH Foundation has curated a care package for our families to utilize while they are away from home and their child is in NICU. Included are items like a prayer blanket, restaurant/gas gift cards and personalized baby items. We also include a NICU notebook for parents to record the copious amount of medical information they are given each day and their child’s milestones that are specific to the journey of a baby born with CDH.

  • Welcome Home Care Package-The Sensigreen CDH Foundation send a care package to our families once they arrive home to make their transition a little smoother. Each of our families is gifted an Owlet Smart Sock (Owlet either donates or deeply discounts these specialized monitoring systems for us to send to our families). Halo Sleep has also donated sleep sacks and safe sleep information for us to gift to our families. Finally we send additional restaurant and grocery gift cards to help families adjust to life at home with an infant that cannot go out in public often!

Programs in Development

OBGYN/Maternal Fetal Medicine Outreach Program

NICUnited: A support Initiative for Dads of Current and Former NICU Kids

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50% of children diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia do not live to see their first birthday.

Learn more about CDH

CDH is the most prevalent and deadly birth defect you have never heard of…

There are multiple factors that can potentially cause CDH including genetics. At this time there is no known preventive therapy. Excellent medical care immediately following birth is the only hope a child born with CDH has.

Now what?

We just received a CDH diagnosis…we don’t know what to do…

NICU stays for children born with CDH vary in length. Most range from 1 to 3 months. Many families travel far from home to find the best care for their child.